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Bone Health: Keeping Everyone In Your Family Healthy

If you're a parent, you do your best to keep your child's bones strong and healthy. But sometimes, what you do for your child isn't enough to keep their bones healthy. About a year ago, my loved one fractured a bone in their forearm and needed X-rays to find and treat the fracture. However, the diagnostic tests revealed that my child's bones weren't as strong as they should be. The doctor referred us to an orthopedist, or bone specialist, for further testing. The orthopedist diagnosed my loved one with a calcium deficiency problem. In order to strengthen and protect my child's bones from future problems, they needed to eat more calcium-fortified foods and take supplements. My loved one's bones are much better now. If you need information or tips about your family's bone health, read my blog. Good luck and thanks for visiting.


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Six Things You Shouldn't Assume Regarding Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery can be highly effective at reducing or eliminating knee pain and restoring a patient's quality of life. However, some patients are misinformed about knee replacement surgery.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume regarding knee replacement surgery. 

The chances that your knee replacement surgery will be successful are fairly low.

The majority of knee replacement surgeries are successful. In fact, statistics show that 90 percent of knee replacement surgeries result in a functioning knee joint that lasts at least 15 years. You can have confidence in the potential for success of the procedure if you undergo knee replacement surgery. 

You shouldn't need knee replacement surgery if you're young.

Knee replacement surgery is not just recommended for older patients. Patients of any age who have experienced chronic knee problems can benefit from undergoing knee replacement surgery.

You shouldn't assume that you're too young for a knee replacement. If your doctor recommends the procedure, you most likely stand to benefit significantly from undergoing surgery. 

You shouldn't expect the same range of movement after knee replacement surgery.

Patients sometimes assume that their knee joint won't offer the same range of motion and level of comfort after knee replacement surgery. However, this is not generally true.

You'll be pleased to know that patients typically enjoy the same range of motion that they had before their knee problem developed after they've undergone a successful knee replacement procedure. 

Knee pain is just something you have to live with as you get older.

No one should have to live with chronic knee pain. Regardless of your age or physical condition, you should not be content to continue putting up with knee pain if you haven't tried knee replacement. Chronic knee pain can drastically detract from your quality of life and might be completely remedied with a knee replacement. 

You will have to stop participating in athletic activities after you undergo knee replacement surgery.

Athletes are particularly likely to benefit from knee replacement surgery. If chronic knee pain has made it impossible for you to participate in the athletic activities that you enjoy, knee replacement surgery could make it possible for your to participate in athletics once again. 

You have to be below a certain age to be eligible for knee replacement surgery.

Patients of all ages can potentially benefit from knee replacement surgery. Even the elderly can enjoy a restored range of motion and athletic ability once they have undergone the knee replacement procedure. 

For more information on knee replacement surgery, contact a professional near you.