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Bone Health: Keeping Everyone In Your Family Healthy

If you're a parent, you do your best to keep your child's bones strong and healthy. But sometimes, what you do for your child isn't enough to keep their bones healthy. About a year ago, my loved one fractured a bone in their forearm and needed X-rays to find and treat the fracture. However, the diagnostic tests revealed that my child's bones weren't as strong as they should be. The doctor referred us to an orthopedist, or bone specialist, for further testing. The orthopedist diagnosed my loved one with a calcium deficiency problem. In order to strengthen and protect my child's bones from future problems, they needed to eat more calcium-fortified foods and take supplements. My loved one's bones are much better now. If you need information or tips about your family's bone health, read my blog. Good luck and thanks for visiting.


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5 Reasons To Get Sports Injury Treatment From A Specialist Instead Of Your PCP

Primary care doctors are well-trained medical professionals. You can get care for a number of ailments, from headaches and heartburn to influenza and pneumonia, by visiting your primary care provider, also called a PCP. Primary care providers are basically known as being a jack of all trades, so they have a general understanding of many common medical issues. However, you may want to see someone who specializes in sports injury treatment after you injure yourself on the field or court. Here are five reasons why you should seek sports injury care from a specialist instead of your primary care physician.

1) Expertise

Specialists in the field of sports medicine have undergone extensive training related to specific injuries that occur as a result of participating in physical activity and contact sports, such as football or hockey. This means these providers can evaluate and diagnose sports injuries quickly and accurately. A sports injury specialist can help with torn rotator cuffs, post-concussion syndrome, knee injuries, and other common sports-related ailments.

2) Variety of Treatments Available

Sports injury specialists can provide treatments beyond what primary care doctors may offer. They are up-to-date on the latest advances in sports medicine and may be able to suggest less invasive treatments than traditional surgery or physical therapy. This could include injections to reduce inflammation, acupuncture, or other non-invasive therapies.

3) Faster Recovery Time

Sports injury specialists are familiar with the healing process of athletes and can help get you back to your game faster. They understand that a quick return to playing is critical for athletes of all levels and will work hard to optimize treatment options for the quickest, safest recovery time. That way, you can get back to doing what you love as soon as it is safe.

4) Prevention

Since sports injury specialists understand the biomechanics of athletes and how to prevent injuries, they can offer advice on specific activities that will help reduce the risk of future injury. This could include suggestions on stretching or strengthening exercises, as well as tips on proper technique during physical activities. These recommendations can help you stay safe and healthy on the field or court.

5) Focus on Your Athletic Goals

Sports injury specialists understand the importance of helping you reach your athletic goals. They may be able to suggest specific strategies or treatments that will help speed up your recovery time and enhance your overall well-being. These are not cookie-cutter suggestions. Instead, they are tailored to meet your specific needs and the goals that you have set for yourself.

Every injury is different. However, if you experience an injury while playing a sport, it is important to seek treatment from a sports injury specialist as soon as you can. Make an appointment with a medical professional if you've suffered a sports injury