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Bone Health: Keeping Everyone In Your Family Healthy

If you're a parent, you do your best to keep your child's bones strong and healthy. But sometimes, what you do for your child isn't enough to keep their bones healthy. About a year ago, my loved one fractured a bone in their forearm and needed X-rays to find and treat the fracture. However, the diagnostic tests revealed that my child's bones weren't as strong as they should be. The doctor referred us to an orthopedist, or bone specialist, for further testing. The orthopedist diagnosed my loved one with a calcium deficiency problem. In order to strengthen and protect my child's bones from future problems, they needed to eat more calcium-fortified foods and take supplements. My loved one's bones are much better now. If you need information or tips about your family's bone health, read my blog. Good luck and thanks for visiting.


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Do You Need Orthopedic Back Pain Treatment?

If your job requires you to lift and move heavy objects throughout the day, your back may pay the price for the things you must do each day. Conventional treatments, such as taking a warm bath in the evening, may not relieve your back pain in the evening. In this case, you may need orthopedic back pain treatment soon. Learn how orthopedic back treatment provides the relief you need below. 

What's Happening to Your Back? 

According to a number of sources, back pain is a common ailment in working people today. Most of the pain occurs in the muscle tissues and tendons of the back. The muscles and tendons can become exhausted, overworked, or torn from lifting heavy boxes, operating large machines, or even stooping down to clean dirty floors.

The spinal discs and nerves in the back can also take a beating during the day. The nerves can become pinched between the bones of the spine over time. The discs can also rupture or open up between the spinal bones. Most individuals don't know they have pinched nerves or ruptured discs until they seek orthopedic care. 

If you tend to miss days of work because of your back pain, seek orthopedic back pain treatment today. 

How Do You Receive Treatment for Your Back?

Orthopedic back pain treatment not only alleviates pain but it also uncovers the reason, or root cause, behind the pain. Root causes describe things or factors that cause or lead to unexplained back pain and other health issues. If you treat the root cause or causes of your back pain, you can overcome it faster. 

An orthopedist, or doctor who treats the musculoskeletal system, will generally examine your back by CT scan or MRI. The diagnostic tests allow an orthopedist to see and examine detailed internal images of your back muscles, ligaments, spinal bones, and discs. The images can reveal inflamed tissues in your back as well as ruptures and tears. If your diagnostic tests uncover problems with any area of your back, an orthopedist can schedule you for treatment. 

The treatments used to correct and repair problems in the back can vary. If a doctor discovers inflammation or fatigue in your back muscles, they may recommend or prescribe anti-inflammatory treatments to you. Inflammatory treatments help ease swelling and redness in your tissues.

If you suffer from ruptured discs or pinched nerves, you may need advanced orthopedic treatments to get well. Advanced treatments, such as surgery and spinal injections, can repair the damage in your spine right away. Some adults require both types of treatments to improve their health.

Learn more about orthopedic back pain treatment by contacting a company like Alpine Orthopaedic Specialists